Welcome to the Sounds of Music

Greetings to All

Welcome to Sounds of Music website!

Throughout the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters, we will be offering a variety of interactive music programs that will be taking place simultaneously in person at the CUNY Graduate Center and on Zoom.

Upcoming Events

Sounds of Music Flyer for the February 6th event at the Segal Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center from five to seven in the evening.

Past Events

We invite you to explore our website, where we have archived information about the Sounds of Music pilot program.

We are committed to enhancing online accessibility and participation. Our original pilot engaged with elders in the NYC metropolitan area. We sought to provide a music enrichment experience for these seniors, many of whom were home-bound. We have redesigned our program on the premise that music is universal and has an incredible power to bring us together, forge lasting community bonds, and inspire an increased respect and appreciation for diverse musical genres from a wide variety of cultures.

Zoom Etiquette

If you are joining us via Zoom, please make sure to keep yourself muted unless asked to do otherwise. This ensures optimal audio quality for your fellow Zoom participants and for those joining us in person at the Graduate Center. Not to worry – there will be time for discussion and sharing during the session.

Feel free to keep your video on or off and join us however feels most comfortable to you.

Community & Connection

We hope to foster a sense of community and connection through the Sounds of Music program. Meetings offer participants opportunities to connect with other people who enjoy music, a chance to listen to familiar tunes, and to enjoy the challenge of new experiences. We hope to encourage a sense of camaraderie, friendship, mutual support, and growth through listening to and discussing music.


Participants will have the chance to learn about a wide variety of musical styles, ranging back from centuries-old Sephardic pieces to modern hip hop, from classic oldies to rock and roll, from jazz and the blues to music from other nations, places, and times.


Above all, we hope that our participants have fun and enjoy the process of learning about and discussing music, singing if they are so inclined, and creating an intimate online community.

A Caucasian man is shown with his fingers poised over a guitar. He is wearing a ring.

Photo of a Guitar with Guitarist – by Brent Keane