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Greetings to All

Welcome to Sounds of Music! We invite you to explore our website. We offer support for joining an online Zoom event and helpful information about assistive devices aimed at enhancing online accessibility and participation.

This website is a companion and supplement to our online, interactive music pilot program for homebound elderly seniors in the NYC metropolitan area. We include a workshop/toolkit that you can use to create a music enrichment experience of your own that can be adapted for any demographic. In addition, we offer you current information about common interactive communication issues on the internet, some suggested reading, and a Blog!

Before you begin to navigate this site, please take note of the accessibility toolbar on the left side of your screen. There, you will be able to toggle between high-contrast, grey-scale, and large-font modes.

Table of Contents

Online Access

Accessibility Toolkit

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Eye and Head Control

Head Pointers

Speech Input Software

Screen Magnification Software

Screen Readers & Text Readers

Latency Toolkit

The Experience

Our Sounds of Music program takes place on Zoom with participation in small groups of eight to twelve individuals.

Sessions begin with a bit of small talk while people are getting settled. The programs, designed around themes, topics, or areas of special musical interest, are loosely structured and flexible so as to accommodate spontaneous requests and discussion. Musical content will include a mixture of shared videos and recordings from YouTube and other social media platforms, live performances, and group participation. For example, with a karaoke-style video, participants can see lyrics to a tune on-screen while bolstered with a musical accompaniment. They have the chance to sing (on camera or off).

A microphone is shone on a purple, blue, and black background of white and golden bokeh lights.

Photo of a Microphone with Bokeh Lights – by Suvan Chowdhury

The Facilitator

Co-facilitators enable the program to run smoothly and to assist participants. One person guides the presentation of musical material and encourages participation and discussion. Another facilitates the prompt online location and presentation both of planned materials and spontaneous requests.

A close-up of an old piano, with one of the black keys broken.

Photo of Piano Keys – by Steve Johnson

The Reasons

Community & Connection

We hope to foster a sense of community and connection through the Sounds of Music program. Weekly meetings offer participants opportunities to connect with other people who enjoy music, a chance to listen to familiar tunes, and to enjoy the challenge of new experiences. We hope to encourage a sense of camaraderie, friendship, mutual support, and growth through listening to and discussing music.


Participants will have the chance to learn about a wide variety of musical styles, ranging back from centuries-old Sephardic pieces to modern hip hop, from classic oldies to rock and roll, from jazz and the blues to music from other nations, places, and times.


Above all, we hope that our participants have fun and enjoy the process of learning about and discussing music, singing if they are so inclined, and creating an intimate online community.

A Caucasian man is shown with his fingers poised over a guitar. He is wearing a ring.

Photo of a Guitar with Guitarist – by Brent Keane

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